Succession Planning

Planning ahead for your family business

Having worked with small and medium businesses for all of her professional life, Josephine has developed an appreciation of the issues found by many involved in family businesses.

Every family is unique and so is every business, but there is one thing they all have in common – the need to plan for the future.

Whether your business is a family farm, a retail outlet, a trade service or a property trust, you need a long-term plan to be ready for the next generation.

This is where succession planning can be very useful. An independent and experienced professional can help map out the future, identifying the issues and enabling you to work out the best way to deal with them.

There are many important questions to consider when thinking about succession planning, beyond purely legal and financial matters.

You have invested a huge part of your life into your business, so it’s worth investing time and thought into planning for the future.

Josephine Christmas is well placed to help you develop a succession plan for your business.

A qualified Chartered Accountant since 1992, Josephine specialises in succession planning for small-to-medium-sized family businesses, particularly for grazing properties and regional businesses.

Much of her experience has come from working with ‘mum and dad’ rural operations. Some people are first generation in business, whilst others have had the property and business passed on through several generations. No matter what business or generation, consideration needs to be given to the future. Do we keep the business; if so who is involved; do we sell; how do we work through our options?

Josephine knows first hand how difficult it is to be in any business, but to include the mix of emotions with family or even extended family members; succession issues can be very tricky to say the least.

Over the next decade there will be considerable change in asset ownership due to an aging population.

She is backed up by a team of experienced business and finance professionals who are ready to assist and can be relied upon to provide an ongoing personalised service if that is what you need.

Working with absolute confidentiality, Josephine can help you to stand back and take a good, hard look at what needs to be done to tailor a succession plan that fits your unique situation.

If you think you may need help with succession planning, contact Josephine Christmas for a no-obligation, confidential initial discussion.


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